scott wilson - traveller/co-creator

Scott’s passion for travel started very early in life. As a child he covered his bedroom walls in maps from National Geographic and would daydream what those places looked like. Now, together with co-creator Andre Dupuis, Scott is seeing a vision for a new type of travel show come to life. Having been nominated for a Gemini Award for his work, Scott has aspired to take travel to another level.

More recently, Scott and Andre have taken a new love of diving and turned it into a new passion for travel in their follow up adventure series "Descending".

Scott continues to challenge himself personally as a diver, motorcycle enthusiast and pilot.

Follow Scott on twitter @scottdescending

justin lukach - traveller

Justin Lukach grew up in Brantford, Ontario. As a teenager, he was best friends with Scott Wilson and the two were inseparable. Following high school, the pair began to drift apart, with Scott focusing on music and media, and Justin taking a course towards engineering. Justin eventually took up several opportunities in Las Vegas, before finally settling down in Hawaii. He was working for an engineering firm dealing with fire sprinkler systems, when he received a call from Scott and an offer to leave his day job behind, come back to Canada, and begin a world wide trip with DEPARTURES.

Justin is an avid surfer, BMX’er and car enthusiast.

andre dupuis - director/camera/co-creator

"I have witnessed incredible moments, where the light, the mountains, the oceans and the wind all meet together so I can take their picture. It has become my obsession to experience the world and a passion to capture and share it."

Andre Dupuis is a Gemini award-winning cinematographer.  His passion and talents have evolved with the latest techniques and technologies.  If the scope of his artistic vision requires a new skill set, Andre does not sleep until he has mastered what he needs to execute a project with style.  

jessie wallace - producer

Jessie is a writer, director and producer of distinct vision. Her commitment to excellence in storytelling and production value has been acknowledged worldwide through many awards, grants and festival participation. As an international filmmaker, Jessie has produced projects in over 39 countries worldwide. Jessie’s newest film — A Good Meal serves as an epilogue and companion piece to her feature film project House of Fireflies. Concurrently, She has been developing dynamic content for television bringing strong dramatic storytelling and inspirational content typical of dramatic series. Jessie is working to bring new genres to the worldwide audience while always focusing on what matters to people most – a good story that inspires.

steven n. bray - producer

Steven N. Bray has produced two films and show-run 62 episodes of television in over 40 countries including India, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Cuba, Kenya, Egypt, Antarctica and North Korea.  Bray garnered a 2009 Genie Award nomination (Best Motion Picture) for his first feature “Amal” and is currently releasing his follow-up “Siddharth”.  Bray was show runner and distributor of the 42-episode television travel/adventure series “Departures”, which played to over 100 million households in six continents.  His most recent adrenaline/doc series “Boundless” can be found on Travel + Escape Channel in Canada and on Esquire Network in the U.S.

darren portelli - co-producer

Darren’s work producing & executive producing short film has resulted in winning numerous awards including a Canadian Golden Sheaf (YELLOW BIRD)
2 Platinum Remi’s (MIRANDA & GORDON & WATERING MR. COCOA) & a Golden Remi (THE LAST BANG).  He also produced the cross-country, 18 webisode series, THE NISSAN VERSA LARGER THAN LIFE ROAD TRIPin 2006. Currently, Darren is in development with writer/director Emmanuel Shirinian, on their debut comedic feature film BORN INTO THIS.

Darren joined the DEPARTURES team in Season 2, and produced episodes covering journey’s through Morocco, Libya, Mongolia, Iceland, Zambia & Madagascar.

alvin campaña - editor

A graduate of Sheridan College's Media Arts program, Alvin Campaña is a Toronto-based writer, director, camera operator, editor and visual effects artist.

Currently, Alvin is editing an independent feature film, 'New Year', and recently won a 2009 Gemini Award for his work as editor for Departures (Cambodia).  His latest project, 'Lucious & Sumat', is in post-production, to be completed in 2010.

In his spare time, Alvin enjoys travelling, performing simple magic tricks, singing karaoke, eating, and poorly playing musical instruments.  Some of his music can be heard in season 2 of Departures.

kerry young - assistant to the producers

Kerry Young is a graduate of the 2006 Producer’s Lab in CFC’s Film Resident Program. She has produced 7 short films that have played at festivals around the world. Kerry is a big fan of the departures crew and as such was thrilled to be able to join the team for Season 3. Kerry is drawn to character driven stories which made departures a great fit. Kerry travels as much as she can and made a trip around the world in 2004 and couch surfed with friends in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Australia, Singapore, Vienna and London and this year spent a long weekend in Paris in the springtime.

shannon latham - music coordinator

Shannon’s love of travel has brought her to destinations as diverse as Nepal,
Spain, Australia and even a scientific research camp in Canada’s far north.

As a music coordinator for Departures, she's had the opportunity of working with some of Canada’s most talented unsigned artists.

In addition to her work on Departures, she has also coordinated source music for several feature films including: "Cyborg Soldier" (Tiffani Thiessen), "Static" (Kathleen Robertson) and "Devil's Mercy" (Stephen Rea). Her background in community radio and her work at a prominent Toronto Arts venue have given her access to the best of Canada’s independent music scene.