Friends, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave the 9 to 5 to travel the world for a year. But before they leave, they feel that they need to explore their own country first. They rent an RV in Halifax and hit the road. Camping all the way across Canada, Halifax to Vancouver.

After landing in Jordan, Scott and Justin are greeted by their friend Ibrahim who is getting married in a few weeks. They spend a night in the desert with the Bedouins, travel to Petra and the gulf of Aqaba, all just in time for the big day.

Scott and Justin meet up with their friend Monica to take a gruelling train ride to the desert. Then to Varanasi, to witness the everyday mayhem and discover the depth of India’s culture and religions before flying to New Delhi in time for the Diwali celebration.

Friends Scott and Justin travel through the more untouched parts of India, a quest which takes them to the highest mountains in the world. Into the depths of a storm, and ill from food poisoning, India challenges them both to their utmost limits.

In the middle of the South Atlantic, staying atop the highest mountain, Scott and Justin struggle with feelings of isolation as they try to contact banks at home and save personal relationships.