After being separated at the airport and put on different flights, Scott arrives to find that his bag has gone missing. The guys grab supplies and climb into an old soviet van to start a long trek out to a Nomadic Reindeer tribe. But to get there, they will have to travel by van then by horseback for four days. Scott and Justin take part in the tribe’s traditional way of life and come to understand the necessity of the nature and balance around them.

The guys stay with the Tsatsaan Reindeer tribe for a couple more days before the long trek back to Ulaan Bator. Scott and Justin stop along the way at a complete strangers ger (traditional Mongolian tent) where the three are invited in for fermented yaks-milk and some mix of goat-organ soup. Craving adventure of a different variety, they rent ATV’s and drive freely into the Gobi desert. Camping at night, and driving by day, the trio discover the ultimate idea of freedom, before running into various trouble on the road.

Iceland’s raw nature, good hearted people and vast open spaces encourage Scott and Justin to brave the elements. From Reykajavik the guys rent a 4x4 truck and hit the open roads, no matter what the conditions. They encounter a family while sheep herding, and join in to help on their way to find adventure in the ice and glaciers . Active volcanoes, ice climbing and squeezing into an underground lava tube hint towards some of the personal strength needed to continue their world adventures.

Scott and Justin ultimately find themselves in the midst of some of the most wild roads and dangerous animals on the planet. Sleeping in a tree-blind while lions walk directly under them or taking a walking safari is no match to the real situation with the people they meet. The guys experience a way of life that is so drastically different than theirs, impoverished and battling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the guys witness the joy and sorrow at a small church ceremony and gain a fresh outlook from their new Zambian friends.

In order to meet the King in the village of Vohipeno, Scott and Justin have to take a long train ride through the rainforest and bring gifts for the kingdom. Along with a Rooster and Rabbit aptly named “Pancakes” and “Waffles”, they make their way through Madagascar where they find lemurs, climb the jagged cliffs in Tsingy and develop friendships with a village full of chanting kids.

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